May I tutor at the Library?

Tutoring is an activity that relates to the Library's role as an educational support center and the Library tries to accommodate all tutoring sessions. However, the Library must also facilitate a quiet atmosphere for reflective study in the main part of the Library for those not engaged in a tutor/student session.  

Two Quiet Study Rooms and The Book Nook are available on a first come-first served basis.  The Quiet Study Rooms may also be reserved in advance by calling the reference desk at the Library at 683-9457.  The Library invites tutors and their students to use the Mello Program Room when it is not in use for Library sponsored programs. Tables and chairs are available for your comfort, but should be returned to their previous arrangement when the tutoring session is over. The Program Room is large and can be used by several tutors and students at the same time.  Library staff must be consulted to use the Mello Program Room, and they will determine if the room is available for tutor’s use. The Library reserves the right to ask tutors who are disruptive to other patrons to leave the library.