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Meeting Room Policies

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The Meeting Rooms of the Portsmouth Free Public Library are available to local civic, cultural and educational organizations, subject to the approval of the Library Director. They are not open to political, partisan, or religious, gatherings.  The Library and Library Association will have priority in scheduling.

Use of the meeting rooms, if granted, is governed by the following conditions:

1.  Meetings may not be held at times when the library is closed.  Meeting time and date must be confirmed with the Library Director who reserves the right to review and act upon all applications.

2.  Groups of young adults and children may use the meeting rooms only if sponsored and supervised by two or more adults.  Supervisors will ensure the behavior of their charges and that noise levels are suitable for a library.

3.  The maximum seating capacity of the meeting room is 65 persons.

4.  Smoking is not permitted in any area in the library.

5. The library will not be responsible for personal possessions, equipment, supplies, or other items owned by a group and used by them in the library.  All materials belonging to the group must be removed immediately.

6.  The user is required to leave the meeting room in an orderly condition and will pay the cost for repair of any damages to library property and required cleaning services.  If tables are used for any activities, surfaces should be covered.

7.  Applications for use of the meeting room must be made in advance.  

8.  Children of people using the meeting room should not be left unattended in the library.

9.  Organizations may serve refreshments.  The organization is responsible for cleaning all tables, counters and floors.  Trash must be removed from the building.  If the carpet is stained, your organization agrees to reimburse the Library for professional cleaning.

10.  A separate set of conditions exists for displays in the meeting room of the library.  The Library Director should be consulted.  Requests for regularly scheduled exhibits are not accepted.

11.  No selling, solicitation or taking orders may occur.  No admission may be charged.

The general Fee Schedule for use of the meeting rooms during regular library hours is as follows:

Non commercial -             $10.00 fee per hour

Commercial and other-    $40.00 fee per hour

A full hour is charged even if program ends before the hour is completed.  All programs must end fifteen minutes before closing time.

A check payable to the Portsmouth Free Public Library should be given to the library at the time of the reservation. Any group that does not cancel at least 24 hours before scheduled use will forfeit their fee. 

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